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the story 
Aug 29 10 - [hiatus]
Hey guys~ This probably goes without saying, but I thought I'd make it official anyways. It's probably going to be at least a couple more weeks (maybe a month, maybe a couple months?!) before I can even think about writing for sk_crime again. I do think about it, quite a lot, but not in any productive way. I just worry about finishing it sometime soon :\

I'm currently typing this from a Krispy Kreme, because I don't have internet at my apartment yet, and it's raining so much in Seoul right now. I've been running around, trying to get my life together for the past 2 weeks and things will still be up in the air for a while still. I'm really sorry about this, but uh, if you have any questions about life in Korea I guess I could answer those. Next time I'm in Krispy Kreme, I mean ^^;;;
Jul 19 10 - [slowing down]
I don't know who's even reading this anymore, but for those of you who still are you may have noticed that updates have slowed down a bit. I'm really sorry, I've only been writing when my brain gets a sudden jolt, and my mind has been all over the place lately.

I had originally planned to finish this by the time I left the country, but it may be the case that I will still be writing on the plane and posting the final chapters from the other side of the world. (Of course, I'm pretty sure no one really minds as long as it reaches its end. xD) I'm still working on it, so don't worry :)

On a more personal note, I'm (supposed to be) leaving for Seoul in mid-August, and I'll be living and working there for the next year. I plan on keeping a blog, so if anyone's interested in that I can pm you the address. It probably won't be as exciting as sk_crime, but I might as well put it out there;;; I just ask that you don't mention gay porn, because it will be a personal blog and my friends will be reading as well.
Oh shit.

Twitching, Mir was twitching. He was twitching the same way Jinki would be when he found out the kid had gone out on his own. He was twitching the same way Jonghyun would be after doing a line to 'get in the mood' to show those Devil freaks what Dragon brotherhood was all about. He was twitching the same way Junhyung's finger would be against the trigger as he


the younger boy. (Oh god)

Because Mir was alone. He was alone in an alley with the Devil freak they called the Freak, and the motherfucker was looking at him in a way that made his skin crawl and his breath jam into the back of his throat.

Mir was alone in an alley with the Freak, the one that was smiling that crazy smile and he didn't have a gun but the other guy did.

Oh shit.

It hurt. It hurt so goddamn much that the boy was almost unaware of how much it hurt. He was aware of his knees slamming into the pavement. He was aware of the blood pouring down his thigh, gushing over torn skin and ripped flesh. He was aware of the way his teeth sliced into his tongue, making him taste the metallic that was flowing out of his body from multiple locations.

Holes in his body before he had the chance to say-

Yeah, fucker.

Come on, you little bitch.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.

Tears were streaming down his face and blurring his vision, so he couldn't see the Devil walking up, but he could hear him. The footsteps stopped, cool fingers were stroking down his cheeks and tilting his chin up, and then something equally wet was dragging over the trails from his eyes.

A tongue.

A tongue.

The Freak was collecting Mir's tears against his taste buds, savoring the misery he found there, gathering it and tucking it into his crazy smile.

He left the boy in that alleyway, kneeling on black asphalt, as wetness dried on his cheeks and soaked into his jeans.
[Author's note: The first part is a flashback. Also, this standalone might be a little vague, sorry about that. It's supposed to have a ~secret meaning~ but if no one gets it I'll just explain it;;]

"You fucked up."

Snort cut off by a warning look thrown over his shoulder.

"We got it done, didn't we?" You gave us a job, and we finished it while you were getting fat behind that desk, you worthless pig.

Thick fingers pointed behind him, but Tablo didn't turn to look. "Your kid brother, he's going to get himself killed one day."

"No, he won't."

Because the Devil brothers would never be found apart.


His hands smoothed over the curve of her back, fingers sliding along her ass and down the thighs straddling his body. She moaned as she sank down, head tipped back and breasts pushed forward, and Rain's hands tensed against pale skin at the slick tightness surrounding his cock.

Long lips parted when he pushed up, a tiny gasp escaping as he slid deeper into that warmth, and she rocked her hips against his to match each thrust. Firm hands gripping soft curves with each lift and pull but she wouldn't be rushed. Hyori was on top and when she wanted it slow, she got it slow.

She tucked silk sheets around her perfect body after they were done (after she had ridden him to her satisfaction), with a sensual smile playing on her lips. And he was still catching his breath, after all this time (but it was okay, she could be patient).


His fingers slid over cool steel (checking to make sure his gun was still easily within reach on the nightstand) before he turned back to her, catching hot breaths and red lips against his mouth once again.


The pouty twins: pissy-pout and clueless-pout. Tablo wanted to sigh at the sight before him, but he settled for frowning instead.

"What exactly is the problem?"

"That!" And Seunghyun barely avoided getting his eye taken out by the sharp finger slicing through the air and jabbing towards his face. (The same eye that was outlined in black and blue and purple.)

The kid flinched but had nothing to say while his sister was on the rampage.

"Hongki is supposed to be looking out for him, not leading him to goddamn Dragon dens!"

Amber was gritting her teeth and clenching her fists - not very lady-like, but that was one endeavor Tablo had most certainly failed at.

"I'll speak to Hongki about not being so needlessly reckless, but I don't foresee any terrible consequences. He's still alive, isn't he? Nothing's broken? Limbs still attached?"

A hiss and narrowed eyes. "Someone put their hands on my brother."


Tablo called Jiyong to his penthouse before he was done for the night, with instructions for all the kids to be watched a little closer in the coming weeks (especially Seunghyun). He turned away from the bowing figure, mind still focused on war and costs and empires, and his fingers lingered on the piece at the side of his bed as soft footsteps made their way out.
[Author's note: jannahgp wanted to see this a long time ago, and I didn't think it would ever happen, but I guess it did;; Also, when I first saw this I was totally freaked out, no lie.]

Devils? Not a problem when Jinwoon was around. (No need to worry ladies, I totally got you covered.)


(Because, come on, didn't that huge body and wide smile just make you feel all like, safe and shit? Didn't it make you just want to give him a hug and a kiss and maybe another kiss if he like, kept his hands to himself and called you pretty and stuff?)

Junhyung was scowling when he walked up, but Junhyung was always scowling (that was his normal face), so Jinwoon didn't stop to stare. Though his lips did pause on his (5th) bottle (in the past hour) at-

"Fucking Devils are here."

Devils at the Butterfly Room? Not cool man. Not. cool.


Seunghyun was definitely going to make Amber proud today, and if his sister said she wanted 2 Dragon heads to decorate their apartment with, then he was going to bring home 18.

She had been worried, he could tell because she had said 'don't fuck up' before shoving at the side of his head while Hongki just looked off to the side, bored, but Seunghyun had managed to stutter out that he was going to do so good and she was going to be so impressed.

And she so would be.

But Hongki kind of hadn't told him till they got into the car that they were going to the Butterfly Room (so the kid could 'play war with some real Dragons'), and the last time Seunghyun had gone to the Butterfly Room things hadn't turned out so well (y'know?).

Was it too late to back out and have his sister do the head collecting instead? (Please?)


He couldn't see anything when they walked into the club (because he had this night blindness thing, right? and sometimes it would show up when things were too dark and the flashing lights didn't help too much though yeah, they were kind of cool too), and you would think it'd be easy to follow a guy with bleach blond hair, but it was not as easy as you would think and yeah, he had definitely lost sight of Hongki.


There were way too many girls in this club, and they were all craning their necks to see what this skinny kid's face looked like, but Seunghyun tried not to look back because he really needed to find Hongki, and these girls kind of scared him (especially with those flashing lights distorting their facial features and making them look like I dunno, mutants or something).

But he had flipped through all those pictures in Hongki's car, and he already knew what all the rival gangsters looked like (and one of them really looked like that one Digimon and that was kind of really hilarious), so when he saw three of them standing near the back (the really big one, the Digimon, and some other one), he knew he needed to make his move, knew he needed to prove his loyalty to the Devils (to the Fam).


Junhyung had told him to get Mir, so Jinwoon had gone to get Mir. Or at least, he had gone to get the person those 5 beers were telling him was Mir but in the end turned out not to be Mir, because Mir had red hair and this guy had blond hair. (But they looked so similar and it made Jinwoon want to find the real Mir and put them next to each other just to see how awesome it'd be.)

(It'd probably be really fucking awesome.)

The older boy was sneering, but it was a happy sneer, because while the fuckwit hadn't managed to find the other Dragon, he had managed to find the Devil in their midst.

He was a little less happy with that Devil's fist connecting with his face, possibly shattering bones and definitely making curses stream out of his mouth faster than the blood streaming from his broken nose. He was yanking at his gun with a fuckyoushitfuckyou when suddenly there was another random kid with his skinny fingers curled into a fist.

That fist might have landed in Jinwoon's gut (though he couldn't really feel it) while blond Mir-clone was tangling with Junhyung for his Walther, but there was just too much music and too many lights and too much alcohol for the boy to figure out exactly what was going on. And sometime during all of this the real Mir managed to find them, eyes lit up with coke and vodka and surprise.

"Shit, man! That fucker looks just like me!"

(Oh yeah, it was pretty fucking awesome.)
Jun 29 10 - Fuck dialogue
[Author's note: I think Joon is the only person capable of this position. If you don't believe me just look at this and this. Don't try this at home, kiddies.]

Boys just don't like sharing their toysCollapse )
Jun 28 10 - Standalone: Hyori
Dark Yuri
His foot slammed into the kid’s side, and his lips pressed together at the feel of ribs separating under his heel. He did it a second time, because there were more ribs to break, when she interrupted him.

“You’re making a mess. Take care of him now or I’ll do it myself.”

She was annoyed, he could tell from one glance over his shoulder, so he listened, hand sweeping over his waistband and 3 shots fired into the kid’s head.

Hyori looked down at the Devil’s body in disgust, arms crossed over her chest, before walking away without another word. (She didn’t need to tell the boy to fellow her, she knew he would anyways.)

TOP tucked his piece back in its holster, leaving the mess behind for the kid’s Devil friends to find.

Sending a child to assassinate a Dragonhead, what a joke.


“I need everything you have. I need it now and with very little fuss.” His eyes were sliding up her body, from her black Balenciaga heels to her Dior sunglasses, and Hyori could almost feel the boy’s fingers tightening around his piece (the same fingers that would tighten around a slim wrist later on as he expressed his frustration).

“Everything? Well that may be a little tricky. Unless you have something that could ease the transaction?”

The Dragonhead smiled before TOP could step forward, red lips curling with charm (and just the slightest hint of warning). “I don’t think that will be necessary. And I also don’t think you want to make this difficult for me.”

She was calling for him, long fingers gesturing over her shoulder, but she didn’t turn her head to find him, eyes still locked on unpleasant man in front of her (because she never turned her back to someone she didn’t trust). “TOP, pay him.”

And there weren’t many people that Lee Hyori could trust.


He didn’t look up when she came in, the sound of heels clicking against marble tiles enough to let him know that his lover (partner) had returned. She stopped a few feet away, the penthouse quiet again as she watched him.

“Were you expecting a response?”

Rain shrugged, cell phone tossed from smooth hands to white sheets. “I didn’t do it to get one.”

(Doesn’t mean you didn’t want it though.)

The Dragonhead finally glanced up at the sound of a zipper sliding over soft curves.

“You ready to leave work behind?”

His tall frame rose from the leather chair, and then even strides were bringing them closer so firm hands could close over the dip of her waist, and long lips could slide along the pale curve of her shoulder.

(Oh yes.)


Her baby was unhappy, the scowl on his face evidence of that fact. He refused to meet her gaze, mouth set and jaws tensed, but she didn’t scold him.

“He shouldn’t have started this. He made a mistake.” (You made a mistake.)

She sighed, red tipped fingers trailing down his cheek. “Seunghyun-ah, I’m not in a position to make mistakes.”
“Joon! Shit, man, shit!”

The Dragon glanced up in irritation, hands still on the girl straddling his lap. “Fuck. Mir. Busy.”

But the kid wasn’t even paying attention, eyes shining and mouth still moving (as if you could stop it). “Shit, man, did you hear? It’s war, bro, war!” (Cock out, balls out, Glock out – it’s war, fuckers, war!)

The older boy frowned and tipped the girl off to the side (sorry babe, work comes first), his eyes still on the kid twitching in front of him.

“Just calm the fuck down and call up the others.”


Seungri walked out of the stall, one hand on his fly, the other scrolling through his cell phone. His lips were stretching in glee, and Hongki looked up from his position over the job’s body (some dumb fuck who liked playing Russian roulette with Devils). “What’ve we got?”

The other boy met his gaze, lips still pulled in satisfaction. “War, man. No more tiptoeing around Dragon fuckers, all bets are off.”

The blond matched his smirk. “About time.” And then his foot slammed into the job’s teeth.


“Not pink! Anything but pink! God, Seunghyun!” She scowled, fist slamming into cushions.

The lanky kid at her feet flinched but didn’t let go, thin fingers still wrapped around struggling ankles. “It’ll make you more lady-like.”

Amber’s scowl deepened (lady-like my ass), but the buzzing in her pocket kept her from flinging a pissy foot into her brother’s face.

She got up when she finished reading the text, kicking off Seunghyun’s protests. “I’ll just paint them red with the blood of my enemies.” The assassin was already walking towards her room - she needed to change into something a little less comfortable and a little more appropriate for hunting Dragons.

“I don’t think that’s very hygienic!”


Siwon glanced up, steady gaze catching the Dragonhead’s through the mirror. “Are you sure this is the right move?”

Rain’s mouth tightened. A pause and then he sighed, turning his head, breaking their contact. “What is it they say? This city just isn’t big enough for the both of us.”

(How much were brothers expected to share? Authority? Dreams? Lovers?)

He sighed again, fingers smoothing the creases from his brow. “I need you to find out who did it. To the kid. To our kid. I need you to do it, don’t send one of the younger guys.”

Siwon nodded, eyes sliding back onto the road.

And I detest all my sins,
Because I dread the loss of heaven,
And the pains of hell;
But most of all because
They offend Thee, my God.
I firmly resolve,
With the help of Thy grace
To confess my sins,
To do penance
(And to amend my life.)

Puppetmaster post #2!

Do you guys remember when I asked what kind of standalones you were interested in but totally did not do most of them?

Well, I'm asking again!

And Act 2 standalones are much more open than Act 1 because there are more combinations that can be made. Dragons and Dragons, Devils and Devils, Dragons and Devils, Dragons with Lotus girls, Devils with Butterfly girls, Devils and Dragons with Lotus girls-

You get the point.

So comment with who you'd like to see, what kinds of situations, and if I find them interesting I'll write them. Also, if I get bored I'll probably start making new characters (it's a disease that has no cure) so you can suggest those too, what the hell.

Comment, go crazy, but please refrain from using the word 'bias' (I tend to foam at the mouth Pavlov-style when I see it).

Do you 원해?
'87 line
The Freak x2
The Genius
Jun 22 10 - War
It had started with a kid. Some Dragon had gotten lost in Devil territory and ended up shooting someone he shouldn’t have. Agreements were broken, compensation was demanded. The Devil wanted the dumb kid delivered by noon the next day, the Dragonheads refused to sacrifice one of their children. But the kid was still found dead in his apartment with his throat slit the following morning.

How was this news received? Raised eyebrows, sadistic grins, fingers tracing over triggers. The Dragons and the Devils were at war, and there hadn’t been a rivalry this epic since the Sharks and the Jets.
Jun 17 10 - [personal ad]
I don't normally do this, but I figure since I've found myself frustrated more than once (more like every other chapter) I might as well give it a try.

I'm looking for people to look over my work/bounce ideas off of. I can't say if I will actually take your offer, but it'd be nice to have people I can turn to (especially if my lovely beta/stalker/enabler is busy).

  • must be obsessed with my little world and be well acquainted with its characters
  • must share a hatred for anything cliche, conventional, trope-y, or expected
  • must be able to deal with temperamental puppetmasters and their delicate egos (I do not handle criticism well and I am aware of this)
  • must be online all the time (or at least a lot). I like getting my stuff out the same day I finish it and I'm very impatient
  • must be patient and willing to hold my hand while I whine and cry and freak out (which happens a lot)
  • must be able to ignore some grammar rules, especially those involving commas. I do make typos and have sentences that don't make any sense due to repeating words or half deleted attempts, but in terms of grammar it's usually just artistic license
Yes, it's a lot of requirements. But if you fit them, leave your name here. Thank you!
Jun 07 10 - [remix it]
Minho diva
I'm at work but instead of doing work related things I've been editing old pieces. And while I was editing I thought it'd be funny to see what would happen if I made my characters super cliche and sappy and talking about their feelings and shit instead of being, y'know, guys who spend their days killing people and fucking up society.

RetardationCollapse )

God I'm totally useless when my writing's slowed down.
Jun 05 10 - Standalone: Mir
Friday night means time to hit up the Butterfly Room with the Dragon boys. Mir is ready for this, was born ready for this, and has his swagger charged up to 165% (can you handle this, bitches?). Everyone is staring at them when they roll up, because they know who owns this shit. Big gun, big cock, big balls, Mir is packing all over, ladies.

They spread out when they get inside – divide and conquer, baby. Jinki is avoiding the bar again so Jinwoon’s taking drink orders, Junhyung’s spotted some bros in the back, and Doojoon’s already got 2 bitches on his arm (say what?!). And Mir? Mir is everywhere, because he doesn’t want any sweet little things to miss out.

The ladies on the floor are feeling him, but he ain’t feeling them. (Girl, you really think you’re gonna land a Dragon with a face like that? Call me when you get a tune up.) But the girls of the Butterfly Room have always been grateful for his company, so he’ll provide it for them.

Nana was too stiff for his liking last time, so Mir decides to try out a different girl tonight. He sidles up to a decent one at the bar and leans back against the counter.

“How much?”

She stares at him with confused eyes and doesn’t answer. He figures she must be one of those pretty but dumb ones, so he leans in and speaks a little louder, a little slower, and with a lot more emphasis.

“I said, how much?”

Realization sets in (that’s right baby, Mir’s here), and if she had a drink she’d be throwing it in his face. Instead she slaps him, hard, and storms off in her ‘easily mistaken for a pro’ dress. Mir winces at the sting but it’s cool, it’s cool. It ain’t no thang (unless his boys find out).
Jun 04 10 - Entourage
[Author's note: The restaurant's name is avec, sorry if that's confusing to anyone.]

It's cool how it is, let's not complicate thingsCollapse )
Jun 01 10 - [total spam]

This is the life of G.O (Jung Byunghee): bodyguard, babysitter, best friend, and chair to the Great Lee Changsun, heir to HK Industries.

Also, behind the scenes of sk_crimeCollapse )

You don't know who D is, but he's pretty influential in this universe. All plotlines need his approval, and he is the second line of defense against cliches.

The brainstormingCollapse )
There was a familiar weight on top of him, pushing his body into leather cushions as his consciousness drifted back to the darkened room. Fingers were at his zipper, and dry lips were against his neck.

“I need-“

G.O’s hands closed over cool wrists, and the younger boy stilled at the contact.

“No. Changsun. I can’t.”

Joon didn’t resist in his grip. “Please.” And the boy hadn’t really changed in the past 5 years (or in the past 10). They were back to being 16 and 17 with Joon pushing a wet face against his neck and saying please please put me back together (even though I know you’re not like that).

He let go of the other boy’s wrists without saying anything, but that was all Joon needed. Long fingers tugged fabric off of unresponsive hips, and then a warm mouth was enveloping his cock. G.O wasn’t hard, wasn’t eager for this, but the younger boy wouldn’t be hurt by it. He would just work lips and tongue and fingers until it was enough – until the older boy was with him enough.

G.O slid his palm over a smooth shoulder once, just once, before his hands went back to his sides. He was growing harder under Joon’s hands, and his eyes slid shut at the sensation. Joon was straddling him, knees tucked against his sides as he lowered himself onto the other boy’s cock. The older boy’s jaw clenched as tightness slid over him, and then he raised his hands out of expectation (out of habit).

His fingers pressed into soft skin, but he didn’t jerk at rocking hips. Joon was leading this, had always led this, and the younger boy didn’t bother stifling his moans as he sank down. Joon was lifting and pushing, forcing the other boy deeper, making G.O fill his need. If his hands were on his own cock G.O didn’t see it, but he heard the younger boy’s breath catch with every upstroke.

He was caught, caught in the warmth surrounding his cock and caught in the unsteadiness of the other boy’s hips. Their movements were a little too jerky, a little too unpracticed, but the younger boy wanted it that way (needed it that way).

The older boy was going to come soon, pulled too far by constricting muscles and heavy pants. His hands tightened on Joon’s waist, and the other boy knew, could tell, so he pushed harder, hips moving faster. G.O came first with a crinkled brow and a breath stuck in his throat. His thighs tensed as he pushed up as far as he could go, and then the other boy came with a groan, spilling into his palms.

G.O pressed a handkerchief into wet hands before the younger boy had come down from his high. A light thank you was traced against his skin, and then Joon got off, soft footsteps retreating back into his bedroom.

The older boy checked on him one last time half an hour later (because he had to). He laid back on the couch after seeing that the other boy was asleep, whatever events from the day smoothed from his features. This was the life of G.O (Jung Byunghee), bodyguard, babysitter, and best friend to the Great Lee Changsun, heir to HK Industries, and he had never once questioned the role he had to play.
May 25 10 - Hold me close
Jonghyun leather jacket
[Author's note: Jonghyun has suffered massive blood loss and was kind of crazy to begin with. Reck is not a real word.]

Maybe these two should just...not be togetherCollapse )
May 24 10 - Cheating on you
[Author's note: This happens several weeks after Jongkey's cutting scene so Jonghyun can move around pretty well.]

No more waitingCollapse )
May 23 10 - Standalone: BFF
“I heard you had an exciting night.”

The older boy sputtered, neck muscles spasming. “No, I did not. And I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Aww, c’mon man, you know there’s nothing you can’t share with-“

“No. No talking.” Jonghyun grinned, lips stretching as wide as his face. (Poor bastard)


“Shit, man!” Jinki glanced down at the shattered glass at his feet. “Was that really necessary?” The other boy didn’t respond (no, no it wasn’t), and Jinki followed him into the house. “Okay, we need to find these pap-“


“There’s a rat in the kitchen.”

Both guys had stopped in front of what Jinki assumed was a dog, though it was so scrawny and so rat-like that he couldn’t be sure. And it was barking in that way that only really annoying rat-dogs could bark.

“Can I kill it?” Jonghyun already had his Glock pointed at the thing, and Jinki threw up his arms with a strangled sound.

“No you can’t kill it! Put that thing away, let’s just get what we came for.” He headed to the office, expecting the other boy to follow him (he didn’t).

When Jonghyun finally joined him the barking had stopped. And missing Jonghyun plus missing dog was a bad combination. “You killed the dog, didn’t you?”

“I didn’t kill it.”

Jinki was unconvinced, to say the least.

“You did! You killed it, you totally killed it, and it didn’t even do anything!” His hand closed over the documents they had been sent to retrieve, and then he was jabbing them in the other boy’s face. “God doesn’t look too kindly upon dog-murderers, you know.”

Jonghyun just winked (God doesn’t look too kindly upon people-murderers either).


There was something in his car. There was a rat in his car. The rat from the kitchen was in his car. “What the fuck is that thing doing in my car?!”

Jonghyun shrugged. “You seemed to like it. Think of it as a gift.”


“So I heard you had an exciting night.”
May 22 10 - #1 Crush
[Author's note: Yongjoon chapter titles are all names of songs I listen to on repeat while writing. I don't know if they translate, but you can give them a listen.]

You will believe in me and I will never be ignoredCollapse )
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